legal marketing ideas

If you had to make get a new client for your law firm today, where would you start?

The number of legal marketing ideas can be overwhelming. Do you start a law firm newsletter and start sending email marketing communications?

Do you execute a SEO content strategy to attract organic search traffic through monthly keyword searches?

Or, do you hire a business printing company and explore traditional marketing methods like direct mailers and physical newsletters?

Marketing in the legal industry can be confusing. What do you do and where do you start? Who is responsible for executing the campaigns? How do you measure return on investment?

Let’s dive a little deeper into those questions so that you can have clarification on the best legal marketing tactics.

Here are 5 legal marketing ideas that get results:

1) Black & White Flyers

Whether it’s a quarterly update or a weekly email campaign, printing black and white flyers can be an effective marketing tactic within the legal industry.


Because most attorneys have a large list of antiquated contacts, where the only reliable data point within the list is a mailing address. 

Plus, people love to read. A cheap black and white flyer is a low-risk, low-cost way to reach a target audience.

Print your flyers. Put together your contact list. And, use a print and fulfillment company to  send out your communications.

Whatever content you compile, a flyer is a great way to connect with clients and prospects. 

2) SEO Blog Posts

People, for the most part, trust Google. At least their search results.

How do you increase the visibility of your business on Google? One proven SEO strategy is to create blog posts around keywords and key phrases that people often search for. 

Just go to Google and type in the keywords and key phrases you think prospective customers are searching for. In other words, do some keyword research

Once you find keywords that are relevant to your focus areas, create your content. You won’t see results overnight, but creating blog posts to bring in organic search traffic is a solid strategy. If you do see some traffic and traction from these efforts, you’ll know it’s a sustainable growth tactic that can help drive more visibility.

3) Press Releases

Press releases can be a nice marketing tactic to getting the word out. Did you add a new member to your practice? Come out on top for a big settlement? Get quoted as an industry expert on a relevant topic?

Identify what’s “press worthy” that’s happening at your practice. After you have your list of items, make a list of media outlets who may be interested in hearing your pitch.

Not all press releases are successful, but when done right, it can help increase the exposure for your firm. 

4) LinkedIn Connections

Your connections are on LinkedIn. So are your prospects. How do you use LinkedIn as a marketing tool? 

The straightforward opportunity is to connect with potential clients on LinkedIn and engage with your new LinkedIn connections. Or, you can frequently share status updates from your personal LinkedIn news feed. The key part is to stick with this strategy – adding “x” number of connections per month, or sharing “x” amount of LinkedIn posts per month is the key to staying top of mind. 

What legal marketing ideas are working for you? Contact us to share your ideas!